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Walkways can provide an easy and inviting way to access different areas of your landscape. Patios create areas for entertaining and relaxation. They can also be the focal point of a beautiful garden.
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The Ranch
The Ranch Being that this was just completed, it looks a little bare without some patio furniture, potted plants, and hanging flower baskets. But summer is near. If it gets too hot, this arbor has 24 misters to help cool things down.

Mud Bay Job
Mud Bay Job The concrete stairway lined with field stone boulders gives the homeowner access to their parking area above. In time, the Japanese Maple tree will create a graceful umbrella over those walking below.

Eld Inlet Residence
Eld Inlet Residence This beautiful stamped concrete walkway amidst sandstone boulders gives the homeowner access to their barn at the top of the slope.

South Tumwater  Project
South Tumwater Project Here we tried to get away from the typical narrow, straight shot walkway to the front door. The color of brick in the walkway pulls out the brick used on the house.

Spanaway Lake Project
Spanaway Lake Project The flagstone patio in this Japanese garden is wonderful for enjoying the boating activities on the lake.

Field of Dreams Project
Field of Dreams Project The concrete stairway leads down to the concrete patio below. The large upright piece of driftwood makes for great conversation.

Eld Inlet Residence
Eld Inlet Residence The colorful stamped concrete walkway and stairway allows the homeowner access to the kids play area on the left and guest parking area on the right.

Trails End Area
Trails End Area This beautiful flagstone walkway and covered front porch replaced the homeowner's existing concrete walk and porch. The added color to their entry has greatly enhanced the looks of their home.

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Mud Bay Job: The concrete stairway lined with field stone boulders gives the homeowner access to their parking area above. In time, the Japanese Maple tree will create a graceful umbrella over those walking below.

McAllister Park Job
McAllister Park Job This walkway was designed to encompass boulders bordering the steps and was faced with brick to match the solid brick stairway leading to the front door. A nice added touch to a concrete stairway.

Littlerock Project
Littlerock Project This informal flagstone walkway is a nice alternative to concrete in a rustic or country setting. Moss or corsican mint can be planted between stones to add color and fragrance.

Simmons Road Job
Simmons Road Job A lined gravel pathway creates a clean and inexpensive way to get around your garden.

Indian Summer Job
Indian Summer Job Changing a backyard of wall to wall lawn to a yard with walkways and patios throughout gave this homeowner the ability to walk around his landscape during all seasons.

Ken Lake Project
Ken Lake Project This homeowner had no access to the lake from the left side of the house. Now their guests can park out front and access the lake without having to go through the house.

Canterwood Project
Canterwood Project Concrete patios are always a nice alternative to wood decks. There is very little maintenance with concrete and they are cost effective. This homeowner has a great place to entertain guests and it's also a great view from inside the house.

Canterbury Project
Canterbury Project This flagstone patio with stone benches and arbor is an inviting place to sit and talk, have a barbecue, or just simply relax.

Sunwood Lakes Project
Sunwood Lakes Project The secluded front yard at this residence allowed us to create this private brick patio on the opposite side of the lake for quiet evenings during sunset. From a lawn that needed weekly mowing to a patio which they enjoy daily was a welcomed change to say the least.

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