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The Pacific Northwest landscape is full of peaks and valleys, not only in our native surroundings but in our own backyards. Retaining hillsides and slopes is not only practical but can be a thing of beauty and add value to one's property.
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Madrona Beach Project
Madrona Beach Project This large concrete block retaining wall was necessary for construction of new patio.

Cain Road Project
Cain Road Project The addition of columns to this retaining wall adds character to the overall appearance.

Cain Road Project
Cain Road Project This free standing wall with columns makes a nice separation between the sitting area and the native behind it.

Long Lake Project
Long Lake Project The masonry block walls create a very inviting entrance to the patio inside. The walls also funtion as a seating area for guests.

Westhampton Project
Westhampton Project Concrete blocks aren't always cold and sterile. New designs now allow a more decorative look and feel to the blocks and give you the ability to create curves rather than just straight lines.

Boulder Retaining Wall
Boulder Retaining Wall It's always fun to add a little something to a plain, uniform walkway. The boulders make great benches and also create interest along the walk.

Delphi Area
Delphi Area The combination of granite boulders and masonry blocks make a great retaining wall that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Boston Harbor Project
Boston Harbor Project A combination of pressure treated timber and hand stacked stone walls are not only functional but also pleasing to the eye. The concrete stairway lends access to the beach.

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Long Lake Project: The masonry block walls create a very inviting entrance to the patio inside. The walls also funtion as a seating area for guests.

Country Club Job
Country Club Job Even a small backyard with very little slope can be terraced to add dimension to a landscape.

Mud Bay Residence
Mud Bay Residence This hillside was terraced to provide extra parking for guests. As plants mature, the walls will become less prominent while retaining their functionality. A practical solution to a difficult situation. This photo was taken shortly after the concrete sidewalk was poured. Bark along edge of walkway had yet to be added.

Mud Bay Residence
Mud Bay Residence This is another view of the retaining walls. Nightlighting really sets off the walls in the evening hours.

Field of Dreams Project
Field of Dreams Project Retaining walls can be constructed with large boulders to create a more natural look and feel throughout the landscape. As the plants mature, the rocks become less prominent and more of an outcropping than they are in the beginning.

The Natural Look
The Natural Look A retaining wall doesn't have to look like one. This boulder terrace features natural steps while keeping plants and sod on the hillside.

Horse Ranch
Horse Ranch This sunken patio is surrounded by a block retaining wall with cap to provide seating near the fireplace and water fountain. A great spot to hang out and watch the horses in the pasture.

Wood Pole Retaining Wall
Wood Pole Retaining Wall This wooden retaining wall holds back the dirt under the plants and keeps it out of the rockery while echoing and giving a nice backdrop to what would otherwise be a stark 'monolith' of a fountain.

Long Lake Project
Long Lake Project Echoing and improving upon the dry stone walls of Europe, these retaining walls with matching patio give a homey, old world feel to this landscape.

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