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With Night Lights
With Night Lights Night lighting added a very beautiful and soothing feeling to this new water feature.

Shawnee Ridge
Shawnee Ridge This small water feature with its quiet soothing sound will add a nice element when relaxing on the patio.

Carpenter Road
Carpenter Road A beautiful sight and pleasant sound located at the entry of this home.

Puyallup Assembly Hall
Puyallup Assembly Hall With help from a lot of my friends who worked tirelessly for many Saturdays in a row, we were able to accomplish this attractive water feature near the front door of the Assembly Hall. Thanks to Jerry Chambers from Chambers Landscaping, John, Matt, Larry and Forest. Good job guys.

Madrone Beach Rd
Madrone Beach Rd The owners wanted a wall mounted water feature. They had picked up a couple of fountain pieces while visiting Italy and really wanted to incorporate them in the project. With a little planing and a bit of patience it turned out just right.

Panorama City
Panorama City Just the right amount of sound as you admire the glass sculpture at this retirement center.

Shelton Project
Shelton Project A small water feature using some of the homeowner's pipe organ art.

Hartstine Island Job
Hartstine Island Job After new edition on house was complete, a water feature with bronze cranes was a great addition to compliment the entry.

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Indian Summer Pond: This pond is a haven for birds and chipmonks which have been a constant delight for the homeowner.

Puget Beach Project
Puget Beach Project Small but attractive water feature by front entry.

98th Avenue Project
98th Avenue Project A quiet water feature near the patio.

Running Creek Bed
Running Creek Bed With the slope of this homeowner's backyard, this running creek bed was the perfect fit.

Rich Road Project
Rich Road Project The homeowners enjoy all the different aspects and levels of their water feature, especially the sound of running water.

Field of Dreams Project
Field of Dreams Project With this pond, you can actually sit on the granite boulders and dangle your feet in the crystal clear cool water on a warm summer day.

Montesano Job
Montesano Job This property was a flat field of pasture grass. We excavated for the pond and used the existing soil to create the hill for the beautiful, natural looking waterfall. The pond also attracts wild water foul year round.

Indian Summer Pond
Indian Summer Pond This pond is a haven for birds and chipmonks which have been a constant delight for the homeowner.

Montesano Job
Montesano Job The annual flowers grown and planted by the homeowner adds a lot of color to this water garden during the spring and summer months.

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