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Montesano Job
Montesano Job Everyone loves the sound of falling water. This 7-foot waterfall creates plenty of sound and beauty from it's sheer size. The granite boulders and driftwood create a real northwest natural appearance.

Wiggins Road Project
Wiggins Road Project This landscape has blossomed into the English garden the homeowner dreamed of. One can spend hours watching the fish in the pond or walking through the yard enjoying the many types of trees, shrubs and flowers.

McAllister Park Pool
McAllister Park Pool It's not very often you get to have a natural granite boulder waterfall flowing into a beautiful swimming pool in the northwest. This was a landscaper's dream come true to design the pool and waterfall for this backyard. As the homeowners sit on their deck or patio around this pool, they get the feeling of being in a tropical resort somewhere far from home.

McAllister Park Pool
McAllister Park Pool This is another view of the swimming pool with the granite waterfall flowing into it. You can actually sit right under the waterfall on a concrete ledge built into the pool. Fun for kids and adults too!

Spanaway Lake Job
Spanaway Lake Job When space is limited, a water feature of this type can be installed to give you the sound of running water with little or no maintenance involved. It's an inexpensive way to achieve the tranquil sound of running water in your landscape.

Elma Residence
Elma Residence This view from the homeowner's deck is spectacular. The bridge allows access to the other side of the pond which leads to a secret shade garden in the woods. This landscape was featured in Better Homes & Gradens and two landscape magazines from Germany. It has also been on the Master Gardener's Tour on several occasions.

Elma Residence
Elma Residence The driftwood bridge gives you access to the grassy island where the young weeping willow tree will someday give you the feeling of being in the south. The waterfall and creek on the far side of the pond can be mesmerizing and relaxing at the same time. A fun place to wander through.

Field of Dreams Project
Field of Dreams Project This water feature, brick patio and the variety of trees and shrubs make this landscape a very inviting place to go. With the sunsets that fall in the background and a view of the park nearby, this can be a very enjoyable place to be in the late afternoons.

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Montesano Job: Everyone loves the sound of falling water. This 7-foot waterfall creates plenty of sound and beauty from it's sheer size. The granite boulders and driftwood create a real northwest natural appearance.

Golf Course Project
Golf Course Project This very colorful landscape is accentuated by the sight and sound of running water. Whether you want to raise gold fish, koi or have a crystal clear pond, water features are always an exciting addition to any landscape.

South Tumwater Development
South Tumwater Development This pond with waterfalls creates a nice addition to the landscape at the entrance of this development.

Jetted Spa
Jetted Spa This water feature has heat, jets, lights, bubblers and a waterfall. Sure is nice on those cold nights. A nice change from a store bought spa.

Elma Residence
Elma Residence This is a view of the waterfall under the arched walk bridge.

Backyard Escape
Backyard Escape This newly retired couple spend many hours in their yard feeding the birds, planting annuals for added color, and relaxing by the beautiful waterfall.

Small Summer Pool
Small Summer Pool This pool was requested by the homeowner for his grandson to enjoy on warm summer days. Lucky boy!

Spanaway Lake
Spanaway Lake The many levels and water features in this landscape make for great conversation.

Salkum Project
Salkum Project This large water feature was designed to be used as a swimming pool with a depth of 8 feet or simply to just hang out and enjoy the sound of running water.

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