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Burnaby Park 3
Burnaby Park 3 The granite boulders created the terracing necessary for the gentle slope of the front yard. The homeowners now have two levels of beautiful landscaping.

Field of dreams
Field of dreams The design of this landscape and plant selection created a beautiful front yard for everyone in the neighborhood to enjoy. (We also landscaped the house across the street!)

Wilderness Project
Wilderness Project As trees matured, the park-like feel, which was the original design, has been accomplished.

Terraced Play Area
Terraced Play Area A beautiful and functional play area for all kids.

Shade Garden
Shade Garden This shade garden will provide a quiet and secluded place for relaxing, especially when the plant material matures.

Black Lake Project
Black Lake Project The use of walkways throughout the landscape make it easy to get around your yard during the changing seasons.

Black Lake Project
Black Lake Project Stone wall and iron wood gate makes a nice entryway from guest house to residence.

Meridian Road Project
Meridian Road Project The heavy traffic and noise of Meridian Road needed more than just a wooden fence to provide privacy for the homeowner. This assortment of plantings seemed like a better alternative to your typical hedge.

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Burnaby Park 3: The granite boulders created the terracing necessary for the gentle slope of the front yard. The homeowners now have two levels of beautiful landscaping.

East Olympia Project
East Olympia Project A tool shed doesn't have to be an eye sore in the backyard. With a little work, it can actually become a focal point.

Canterbury Project
Canterbury Project Reds, yellows and blues create a nice color combination that lasts year round.

Irving Street Project
Irving Street Project This 1961 house had wall to wall lawn and a handful of overgrown rhodies. Out with the old and in with the new. What a nice change.

Gravelly Beach Project
Gravelly Beach Project A small but cozy patio right at the water's edge. A great place to catch the late afternoon sun. The homeowners' plan is to set their portable wood firepit on the patio for evening relaxation.

Cain Road Project
Cain Road Project Driftwood, large granite boulders and some nice plant material always go well together.

South Bay Homes Project
South Bay Homes Project This company builds many homes on the water so we chose a nautical theme for their landscape design around their office.

Johnson Point Job
Johnson Point Job The owner thought it would be a good idea to take this wooded island bed and landscape it with the same look we were going to accomplish around the rest of his house.

Steamboat Island
Steamboat Island Every once in a while we luck out and get a nice project on the beach. This weekend retreat will bring many hours of enjoyment.

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