About Us


Our designs are custom tailored to fit all of your needs – and beyond.

Whether it’s adding a unique touch or a beautiful area to entertain family and friends, our experienced crew will transform your property into the dream landscape you have always wanted and so much more.

Experience the journey each and every time as you walk through the colorful surroundings that is now your back yard. No matter the time of year, weather, day or night – you will never tire of looking upon and enjoying what has been created with all of your hopes and dreams in mind.

We are not just a landscaping company, first and foremost we are in the people pleasing business. We love designing and installing creative and beautiful gardens for our clients but nothing compares to the joy we feel from seeing the smiles of approval from those who put their trust and hopes in our care. Priceless!

When it’s all said and done, it was all just a bunch of hard work, but it was the friends we made along the way that was the most rewarding. Who could ask for anything more!

Owner Jaimie Harris has been in the landscaping business since 1972. He is experienced in all aspects of landscaping and proud to provide design and installation of his own unique work; from initial design, to permits, to getting everything healthy and in place, you’re taken care of.

Every job results in a beautiful yard custom built for you. Your ideas are incorporated with our experiences and creativity to produce amazing results. Our attention to detail addresses every aspect of your property. We are equipped with a wide variety of skills, tools and equipment to tackle any situation.

Great thought is put into every landscape with the focus on quality. High standards set by everyone at Harris Landscaping assure nothing but the best.

Jaimie’s work has been showcased in the Better Homes & Gardens magazine and on the Master Gardener’s Tour.